This was an up and down week.  Kids at school were great, but school was rough-we had a two hour professional development thing after school on Wednesday, which means for us who teach high school, it's really three hours of staying after (we start and end earlier than the other schools).  Then, on Thursday we had four hours of parent-teacher conferences (until 9:00, which is already past bedtime).  I woke at 3:30 on Wednesday morning with a backache, at 3:00 on Thursday morning with a migraine, and again at 3:30 on Friday morning with that same migraine.  So I took Friday off.  It was a seven hour speaker in the auditorium thing, and I can't breathe within an hour of being shut in the auditorium with no air, no light, and old carpet.  I was unable to go back to sleep on any of those days, but on Friday I finally realized it didn't matter-I could call in; so I did.  Spent the day sleeping for the most part once I got my migraine prescription filled.

On Thursday night, since we had to work, some colleagues and I met in my room before the parents came, lit a candle and passed it around while we read the Old Testament promise of salvation and then several passages from Matthew.  It was really quite nice.

Today my daughters went to see Clash of the Titans together, so I had the boys.  Here are a couple of shots of them playing outside on an unseasonably warm afternoon for NH.  When I published the photos, I was amazed at how much the little one, MB, looks like my fourth brother/our middle sibling. 

04/06/2010 4:21am

Yeah - bummer of a week kinda - but when you look at the pics, well, there's a lot of joy there.....maybe not such a bad week after all!

hugs - aus and co.


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