No fax today-we asked the courier to fax the forms when he had them done so that we could have them translated ahead of time to save one step.  I called the courier and he said that he did not yet have the package I sent.  I'll call later tonight and see where it is.  In Beijing it takes seven business days to get the passport after applying for it, and the day your application is dropped off is not considered one of those business days.  So every day matters.  Even our original itinerary was not correct.

Touring today included the Temple of Heaven.  I can't say that I enjoyed it because all I could think of was the recent murder there during the Olympic games.  It was also not a place for kids to have a good time, and now that I have money worries (having no idea how long I'll stay here or how much it will cost), touring is no fun.

We went to the silk factory after the Temple of Heaven.  They have beautiful stuff, but all of it can be bought at home as imports. 

Then finally we went to a grocery store-a real grocery store, not the garage door sized convenience stores or the overpriced basement of the expensive department store that I first went to.  It was called a Lotte Mart, and it was like a discount retail market/grocery store.  I got Aidan a little backpack full of Leg-Os which made him happy-he likes to put my backpack on himself.  I don't know if he liked the pack or the blocks better.  He also liked riding in the main part of the grocery cart-he's too big for the child seat. 

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful-nap, play, meal, bath, bedtime.

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