This week I got a notice from Homeland Security that in order to get Aidan's proof of citizenship we now have to appear in person with photocopies of everything that we already sent them-in March.  So now I have to make an appointment to see if I can change this interview appointment because the back of the form where I'm supposed to be able to notify them of a need to change is a blank page.  Aidan came home in October 2008 and although he has had court issued adoption papers and a state birth certificate for well over a year now, he still has no proof of citizenship and still has no social security number.  There is the small matter of not being able to claim him on our tax return, of course, but the bigger concern is what a nightmare his custody would pose in the event that something happened to us and he was still in this limbo stage.  More time.  More money.  More waiting.  I'm going to write to my senator now about the discrepancies on the USCIS forms and the incorrect advice that I've been given by DHS staff.

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