It turns out that our adoption specialist and the other adoptive mother were on the phone at the same time I was, and both of them were being told to hold as well.  So we managed the telephone conference by cell phone.  It was great to hear my travel mate's voice.  She lives only about 30 miles from me and we are both teachers, but our attempt to get together and meet before travel was canceled when she had a family tragedy.  So I emailed my photo to her so that she will recognize me at the airport.

This is so exciting!  Our specialist warned us not to be surprised by the lack of "personal space" awareness by the Chinese-I think that is true in most non-English countries, though.  She said that the people and especially the children would probably be very fascinated by LB.  I expect they will love her 3-1/2 feet of hair. 

I also put in a request to go to Chimelong water park before leaving Guagnzhou.  What four year old boy wouldn't' love a trip to that place?  It is sort of like a Chinese style Disney World.


09/20/2008 6:48am

It gets more and more real, doesn't it?! How exciting!


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