For the past several years I have read stories by adoptive parents about how their child could not have been more perfectly placed with their family.  I have not ignored the stories about attachment issues-in fact those parents should publish more-but as with any pre-adoptive parent I hope to arm myself with all the knowledge I can about those problems, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

I've been thinking about the referral for our son and I really think the Matching Room people did the best possible job.  We asked for a 3-5 year old of either gender.  He is four.  We have one son and two daughters.  He is a boy, giving us balance.  Our family photograph was of our first daughter's wedding which showed three tall men and three very short women.  He is tall.  Our dossier said that our family was involved in sports, including stock car racing.  He runs so fast that the other kids at the orphanage can't catch him, and he loves to play with plastic cars.  I have 11 siblings and Christmas at my mother's house numbers more than 40 people; G has one sister but his family do everything together (our first date, and our second, were family outings).  Our new son is outgoing and talkative.  They really could not have studied our dossier more thoroughly.


06/16/2008 8:29am

Congratulations on your wonderful new son! May he be a blessing to your family!

And I agree that the matching is sometimes quite amazing is its accuracy. Don't be surprised if other "red threads" connecting you and your son even more tightly emerge as you journey to meet him. (We found out additional info. about DD#2 while in China that bound us even closer to her.)

Best wishes from a RQ lurker,


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