My niece finished her master's degree today in education-mental health counseling.  She already has the job she wants, but now she has the degree to go with it.  She has spent years working with adolescents in outdoor adventure and outdoor counseling type of situations-in Denali, Olympia, the White Mountains, the Rockies, even the flatter lands of New Jersey.  But today she graduated so we celebrated.

This is the niece who looks strikingly like I did when I was young, so here are some current and old pictures of us.
My niece today at 28 years old

My niece sharing the stoop with a cousin

Here I am a couple of years younger than my niece-celebrating my 25th birthday, then pregnant and with my third child.  As soon as I figure out how to rotate the scanned images, I'll do it.
And some additional pictures of party goers

05/15/2010 6:18pm

I jumped down the the 'prom' picture - and don't think you look all that different today either!

hugs - aus and co.


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