First, the black flies are out in record numbers this year.  For some reason we had very warm weather at the end of April and all of the water levels are down, creating the perfect situation for these buggers.  And that's what they do to me-just bug me by swarming around.  They actually don't like my taste, so I never get bitten by them.  If I could explain it, I would, since PB is allergic to the pests.

Second, Aidan and I were home today because a student at my school is now a probable case of H1N1 flu, so as a precaution there were no classes.

Third, Aidan did attempt T-ball last Wednesday night but it isn't going to work.  He loves ball and plays just about every day, but he didn't know any of the kids and, of course, none of them were from our small town anyway-it's a district community center league-so we'll try again later.  His real love, I think, may be soccer anyway since he's such an awesome kicker (he kicks left, throws left, bats both).

Last, tomorrow we will be going to his kindergarten to take care of registration.  I made contact with another mother in town who has a child going into kindergarten, and we're going to get together this weekend at the park for the kids to meet.  I also found out that our mail carrier's son will be entering kindergarten, so I'll try to get them together as well.  It really helps to have such a large family, because I asked my siblings who had kids that age, and they immediately gave those names to me.  It doesn't hurt that my fourth brother is acting as postmaster in town following the retirement of our postmaster, so he sees and knows everyone.

And this is what Aidan likes to watch when he comes home in the afternoon:  That's right, the guy with square pants!



05/05/2009 4:42am

Black Flies... I remember them from when I spent my summers on Mackinac Island! I attributed the large amount that we had there to the horses. Not fun!
I agree with Aidan~ Sponge Bob is fun to watch!

05/11/2009 12:35pm

I was a huge Spongebob fan before Fin. It took me awhile to get her interested, but now she loves him, too.


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