We are probably another month away from a referral, since last month was such a small date range (our LID is January 19, 2006) and even if several days' referrals are made this month, we aren't likely to be included.  So we're waiting, getting closer, and I'm getting nervous.  Not just about the travel and life change, but also about the economy.

Thank goodness it is warm now so we won't need oil for a while.  I have asked on a couple of lists if anyone can provide recent travel expense information and received no real response.  One person said airfare has increased but provided no details.  I have also read that parts of China have increased their fee from $3,00 to $5,000 and that most are expected to.  These are not contingencies that I'm prepared for.  Our agency, as usual, is silent on all things.


05/06/2008 2:58pm

When is yalls LID?

M. E. Rommel
06/09/2008 5:43pm

Referral came today. Did you belong to Precious Pandas website. You can do that, and there is a poster, Stephanie Higgins that has used her waiting time to do a lot of research. She can ans. your questions or guide you to answer.


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