Time flies....

Eva had a cast put on one leg-disaster-it was off four days later.  She developed a pressure sore immediately under her baby toe and was developing two others.  She was also completely depressed-a state that child is never in-not whiny, bored depressed like most kids, but dull eyes and listless body and a complete change of her perception of herself and her life here.  So the next one can wait.  My husband kept saying things like, "Don't you want your feet to look like everyone else?" and she said, "No."  Eva is happy being Eva.  See before and after phots, below:

Aidan turned eight and had a good turnout for his party, despite his class being slammed with the flu-he came down with it that night, then me, then G, then Eva.  He is feeling fine here, though, hanging out with William, our weekend exchange student from China.  William is the top chemistry student in the country and will go to college in DC next year.  The top 12 students were sent to the US for a three week tour that included all sorts of major cities but a first stop in NH.  This is always their favorite part of the trip-staying with real families.  William was thrilled that he got to meet our governor, sit in his office, look at his wall photos, talk to him, etc.  He was also head over heels in love with our children and them with him.
Easter was busy, full of adults and children having a good time at my sister's house.

05/21/2012 4:04am

Nice catch-up! Sorry to hear about the cast issue - but all things in their season. Eva is probably old enough to have some say in her treatment? Just wondering!

Glad overall that all are well!

hugs - aus and co.

05/28/2012 10:04pm

Poor thing! Do you think that the person who did the cast just wasn't skilled enough. I'd get depressed super fast if I was in pain constantly, too. I hope you'll give it another try but with someone more skilled. Or, if the person was skilled, then go for a less dramatic movement of the foot inside the cast first.


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