Tonight was Aidan's spring concert.  I guess he was supposed to say a couple of lines with another boy-opening, welcoming remarks-but decided he wasn't comfortable.  He was completely comfortable singing on stage, though.  I just wish there weren't as many flash cameras going off as there were, because half of the photos are junk-eyes reflecting double flashes-but here are a couple anyway:
I cropped this one to get rid of most of the glowing eyes around Aidan.

The blond girl in the purple and white dress is my son in-law's niece.  I used to babysit for her mother and am named for her great grandmother/my son in-law's grandmother.


05/26/2010 6:08am

Very cool - we had our dance recital this weekend - like you - couldn't be more proud of the kids!

hugs - aus and co.


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