We have a 70% chance of mixed precipitation forecast for tonight and again on Friday.  I hope that this is just Squaw Winter and not the real season coming on, but we have to prepare just in case.  So we did some fall clean-up today and G is going to use the grill tonight so that we can get one last gasp of fall in.

At school, our district has been granted permission by the state to pilot a "blizzard bag" program.  We have the largest geographic district in the state, so the weather can be completely different on one end of the district from the other-requiring a snow day for half but not the other, or requiring a snow day on half and an ice day on the other.  What it means for us is that three "snow days" will actually be school days where the kids and teachers work on-line or, in the event of no online access or multiple kids in one house needing the computer, kids work out of a "blizzard bag" which will hold lessons in hard copy.  We had a meeting scheduled for October 28 to firm up these plans, but it looks like we could need to fast-forward them.  And, of course, we will have more than three snow days total, but three can be used for this.  Ice-outs like last year, where two of our schools lost power for over a week, will be true snow days without blizzard bags in use.

Aidan's school will continue to have the traditional snow days if necessary.  He is going back to school tomorrow after a normal three day weekend (normal in the sense that he was awake and slept normal times, and ran no temperature).

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