It is snowing out again-this time a beautiful, fluffy, steady snow that will result in half a foot-perfect for the last day of Massachusetts school vacation, and then we'll get our road back.  Friday we got a foot and had no school, starting our break a day early.  Here are the boys playing outside.
Yesterday was a very exciting day!  Have I mentioned how much I loooove Scouts?  It's so wonderful to have Aidan involved in something where God & country mean something, where good deeds are the goal, and where the boys are not competing with one another but are practicing fraternal cooperation.  He had his first badge ceremony.  Here he is with me pinning the badge on him.
This is the Tiger Scout group lined up alphabetically.  Our first son is just short of 6'2" and Aidan is expected to be the same height or taller than him.  It's not really obvious in this shot, but he is far taller than the other boys.
In our pack, the badges stay upside down until a good deed is done, and then they can be affixed to the shirt right side up.  Aidan did his good deed after the ceremony by helping to put the chairs away, even though he didn't take them out :-)

But the fun wasn't over with this award!  It turns out that he was one of the three top sellers for popcorn.  So he got a pin for his lapel, which of course he couldn't leave alone and by the time we left the back had rolled off into one of those places where little things hide for decades.  He didn't find it quite as exciting as the Wal Mart gift card that came with it, anyway!

02/27/2011 9:39am

Way to go guys! I'm an Eagle Scout and have been involved in Scouting for well lets just say over 40 years! May you always enjoy and live the things that Scouting teaches!

hugs - aus and co.

02/28/2011 3:31am

Good job! He's on his way to Eagle!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

03/02/2011 12:39pm

Ruby, Thanks so much and stopping by my blog to say hi! Congrats on your newest little one, hopefully it won't take too long and you'll have her in your arms! I can't believe all the snow, wow, big change from us here in southern Florida!


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