Eva loves pumpkins, and not as decorations.
Eva started school this week-half days.  I had to think about this quite a bit because we still do not have a real bond but she definitely wants to be in school.  She loves school work and she loves the company of other children.  So I stayed with her Monday, and she needed me (Sunday night she was very excited about going, but the very first thing she did on Monday morning was point to her backpack and adamantly say no! even before getting out of bed).  Tuesday I sat back in the corner and tried to make sure I was not "doing" things for her that the teacher or teachers could do.  By the end of the morning she gestured for me to take my things and sit away from her at my own table.  Today she went by herself.  The teacher and aide were amazed at her math ability.  She's not dumb or in need of special education; she just doesn't know English yet.  I think they're in for a surprise in a good way because the fear of not being able to communicate with her will soon be replaced by amazement that they can understand pretty much anything she wants to get across.  She can also go down the hall and get her brother when necessary-he loves to hold her hand and show her where to go, etc., and she loves to have him nearby.

10/19/2011 1:42pm

Wow, she's in school already! So amazing. I've never seen anyone eat pumpkin like that or as Jia calls them mumpins. How do you cook it?

10/20/2011 5:10am

Hi Shelley,

Sorry I haven't been blogging much-my laptop is in use by my sub and the home computer is in the den and very slow. (not spending much time in the den right now)

Eva calls them pumakins. She wanted to eat the one we bought for a jack-o-lantern, so I bought a mini-pumpkin in the gourds and mini-pumpkin bin at the store. She started eating it raw in the store, then decided it was too hard (like a rock!) so when we got home I par-boiled it just to cut into the thing and get the seeds out. Then I just sliced off pieces and she ate them in chunks with her hand. She was a very happy girl :)

Yes, the school thing was definitely a test and a surprise but I had seen one other parent put their daughter, about seven years old, in school right after coming home and it worked out beautifully, so I figured it was worth a try. I think that if she stayed home, she would be bored silly because she's just too old to play all day long and wants desperately to do "school work".

I did have to warn her teacher that she will walk by other kids, cuff them on the back of the head, and keep on walking. This means, hey, and it means that she likes them. Sure enough, the teacher was on duty yesterday and Eva cuffed four kids on the playground. It's not hard, and it's really funny, but of course it's not the way we say "hey" here!


10/21/2011 8:07pm

So glad you posted this! Wu Yi also wants to eat the inside of her pumpkin and I wasn't sure how to cook it. Of course, now she can only eat yogurt and ice cream. Oh well! I'm amazed that Eva is in school. I took Wu Yi after we had been home 2 wks and she hated it. We got the package today!!! Thanks! It was a nice treat on our first day home from the hospital!

10/22/2011 3:56am

You can cook the pumpkin just like squash, so as long as it's strained, Wu Yi can eat boiled/mashed pumpkin. If she's only supposed to eat cold smooth stuff, it can be cooled. Did you know they make pumpkin ice cream? (I watch a lot of cooking shows--then don't cook what I see :)

10/22/2011 1:53pm

Good to see you posting on the blogs again!! Eva seems to be doing soo well and it's so wonderful to finally see her home with her family!! Hope the transition continues to be a good one!!

10/22/2011 5:31pm

Congratulations! I had no idea you just recently returned home. She is just adorable.

10/23/2011 5:47pm

Eva looks great! I am glad the kids are meshing well. We have the same situation here, the only thing our China can't do is read! It's amazing what we do and don't need language for!

April Z.
10/23/2011 6:58pm

I love reading all your updates! It looks like Eva is doing great!!!

10/24/2011 3:26am

Ruby - I'm glad that school is working! I guess I'm 'old school' when it comes to parenting and adoption - but - 1) parents are a pretty good judge of what will 'work' for their child and 2) by age 7 (within reason) it's good for the kids to have some 'say' it their own lives! Obviously y'all were both right - and school was a good call!

As for eating pumpkin - glad she likes it (see above about choices too) - and you were creative enough to figure out a way to cook it!! ;) Plenty good for her - that's for sure!

hugs - aus and co.


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