I managed to reach G by phone today but had to leave a message at PB's house.  I'm suffering from some pretty serious RB withdrawals right now.

Despite this, today was the best day so far.  We went first to the Beijing zoo.  Although the animal care and confinement leaves a lot to be desired, it was the first kid-friendly place we have been.  No one was pushing or shoving, and strollers could be pushed around easily, meaning that our travel mate could enjoy the day as well.  We also weren't stared at and the kids weren't poked or prodded the way they are in other places.

Aidan picked out a hot pink balloon for himself, and on the way out I bought him a collection of Ultraman action figures.  He carried the action figures with him when we went to the pearl market.  I didn't really want to go since I don't have the ability to spend, but ended up enjoying it and I did buy a small pink pearl ring.  Pearls are my favorite jewelry.

After the pearl market we went next door to a great Chinese restaurant.  Finally! Chinese food in China.  Everyone enjoyed this day.


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