Today Aidan had his "crossover" ceremony at Scouts-crossing the bridge from being a Tiger to a Wolf.  I explained to him that two belt loops wouldn't be there for the ceremony but that he would get them early next year; one for snow sports and one for heritage.  When he asked me to explain the heritage, I said that was for taking Chinese New Year gifts into school and explaining his Chinese background.  He said that everyone knows he's from China, that kids ask him about it, and that he tells them he is.  I got the impression he has experienced some teasing about it, though, so tonight he and G had a conversation about that when G put him to bed.  It went like this:
G:  "Mommy says that some kids at school have said stuff about you being from China.  Is that true?"
A:  "Yeah."
G:  "Does that bother you?"
A:  A noncomittal shrug and grunt.
G:  "Would you rather you looked like me?"
A:  "No." (Pause)
A:  "I would rather you looked like me!"

05/23/2011 4:58am

Must have hit the 'enter' key too fast - oops!

Anyway - it's been our experience that while there are some negative race things out there - it hasn't been an extreme issue. But I'm sure that there are regional differences in that too!

The controlled burn looks cool - and like you - I love the summer rains - in particular when it means I don't get to work in the yard! ;)

hugs around - aus and co,.

April Z.
05/24/2011 10:05am

That's great!!

05/24/2011 6:07pm

Oh Ruby, that is priceless. Love that Aidan. Tell him he is perferct just the way he is, and that Aunt Melody loves him so much!!! Love to all, Melody


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