Tomorrow I return to work, so I have been preparing Aidan for getting up early and for going places with his backpack for a few hours.  I have also been preparing for my classes, mentally more than anything.  My half year courses need syllabi adjustments because my sub was off schedule and I can't make up for everything before the semester ends.  In addition, I've got college recommendations to give out and AP Microeconomics work to give out to kids taking the class next semester.  I am excited to see my students again, though I hate to leave Aidan, and I am glad that Christmas break is around the corner so that he and I will both have time together again soon.

Speaking of Christmas, we are starting to get ready for that, too!  Aidan is right now watching Frosty the Snowman (which he loves).  He also loves Santa Claus is Coming to Town and I found out last night that he can sing Jingle Bells, though after the first couple of lines he sings it in Chinese.

Here are some of the things we've been up to:

Visit to the Shrine at LaSalette with RB and Aidan

We took the boys to the shrine first, then to McDs for McNuggets, then G had a couple of stores to look in for Christmas gifts, so the boys stayed with me in the car.

Then we came home where the boys hung out until PB arrived-she and JM had gone to her work Christmas party.

I also put a couple of decorations up-tons more to go.

Getting the Christmas Tree


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