UPDATE:  As of December 24, 2008 when PSNH closed its operations for the holiday, they announced that 99.9 per cent of the households that lost power in early December had their power restored.  Hopefully that means the people I know are now restored after two full weeks without power.

I know that some of you who read this blog are religious.  If you pray, please pray for the Northeast and especially for the people that I work with and teach.  Last Friday the ice storm hit and still today, Sunday a week later, several families in the district I teach in have no power.  Some have been told that if it is not restored by today, it will be several weeks before it can be.  So I know a lot of people without water, without a primary source of heat, without electricity.  They cannot cook, take a bath, flush the toilet, or do laundry.  Many already have had their pipes freeze and burst.  They cannot buy a tree or get ready for Christmas.  They need all your prayers.

Now, on a lighter note, we all got out in the deep snow today.  LB and Aidan first tried to make a snowman (Aidan loves Frosty) but the snow is too powdery.  That did not keep them from trying to throw snowballs at one another and G and I.  Eventually they ended up sledding while G and I stacked firewood.  Here are some shots:


12/21/2008 12:47pm

Oh, wow. I have been reading about the the storms in the NE but forgot all the horrible things that go with it. My thoughts are with those families!
What great pictures! DH and I grew up in Michigan and although we never want to live there again, we think kids SHOULD play in the snow~
take care. stay warm!

12/22/2008 3:39am

Thanks, Karin,

As of today (Monday), the number without power is a little over 11,000 homes-still way too many going into the holidays. And we have Plenty of snow to play in!


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