You've probably all got stories like this to tell, if you're unlucky.  A stranger posts an advertisement to my blog-the blog about my sick mother-so I delete it, contact the sender to say that it is both insensitive and crass, and contact the organization being promoted to ask that they speak to the sender, in the strongest possible language, about advertising on a website they have not been authorized to advertise on. 

I get a what?  where? response from the sender and an abject apology from the organization.  I delete the sender's response and thank the organization.  Not done yet, though. 

The sender then writes an email saying I should check my facts before I post things about people and to stop harassing and slandering the sender.  I copy and paste the blog comment/advertisement and return it, clearly showing this person's email address listed three times-how else could I have sent an email to the sender in the first place, right?  So I think that will: 1.  Either be the end of it because now the person will try to find out who has infiltrated their email account, or 2.  They will apologize and explain that they didn't send it. 

No, instead I get an email with all caps saying that's fine, but I didn't post this message and something along the lines of me, again, needing to check facts before I bother people.  Okay, who bothered whom?  Anyway, I respond with okay, but your email is on the bottom.  So I would suggest that you change your email address or try to find out who has misused it.  Goodbye. 

It should have been goodbye, right?  No, of course it wasn't.  I then get an incriminating email where the sender says that they actually did write this advertisement and send it out to a bunch of people, so maybe one of them forwarded it to my blog.  It then goes on to say that I'm not a person they want to help since I write nasty notes "strongest possible language" (given as an example of my nastiness) and then I'm asked not to contact them again. 

No problem.  I blocked the email address.  How do we get these psychos who can convince themselves that when they have wronged another person they are the victim?  And why would I need that person's help?  Unless, of course, their email wasn't compromised at all.  An innocent person's  first response would have been, I don't know what you're talking about, and then when they got a copy of the email they didn't send, it would have been,  I'm so sorry.  I don't know how you got this, but I'll try to figure it out with my email provider.  If you get anything else from my name, please let me know.

05/06/2010 4:55am

Yep - folks like that really can get under your skin....but given my chosen profession (I'm a digital forensic guy - CSI for computers if you will) - I call them job security!

hugs - blow them off -

aus and co.

05/06/2010 4:15pm


Your post made me smile. Thanks!


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