Aidan has eight days of school left.  He is spending every afternoon building forts with all of his bedding and one of our sofas.  He has even commandeered the flashlight kept just for emergency power outages.  This weekend I took him to a graduation party for three of the girls in my women's studies group and he fell in love with the hamster.  Now he wants one of his own.  I don't think this is an idle request; I think he wants very much to have something that is just his, something that he chose for himself.  As much as he loves Mangus, the youngest dog, who sleeps with him every night, he didn't pick Mangus out.

This weekend our son and grandson came over for a while and played ball with Aidan outside.  Brody and I also picked some strawberries.  All the recent rain has helped plump them up.
We finally got our tax return back this weekend.  Our accountant had to give up his tax customers due to his wife's illness, and we've been spoiled by him for 20 years, but honestly, this CPA firm had our stuff for two months and only filed it after I called three times this week asking where our return was. 

Then today we had our final medical appointment, so within a week we should probably have the last notarized document we need for the home study.

So now I'm able to actually move forward in many ways and feel like we're moving forward, with the second adoption.  Phew!

06/08/2010 5:42am

Wow - lots of stuff here! Hamsters - had one - loved it - until it bit me (yeah - they do bite sometimes). BTW - their front teeth are pretty long and very sharp - the bite really hurts! So I'm just saying so you know...a pet that is in a cage all the time ain't much of a pet!

Glad ya'll are about done with the paper chase - keep on keepin on!

hugs - aus and co.


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