I've been playing with the photos at the top of my pages, but when I try to stretch them out, they stretch down as well as to the side, and I can't find a way to title them-could just be limitations of my service provider.  Anyway, the photo on my front page is the ski area on our road, so the view is actually looking down at our house-we're about two to three miles from the base.  The picture on the top of this page is the lake in the town where our middle and high schools are located, and where our son lives.  We swim there as well as at other places in the summer.  This lake is cold but the beaches are great and it's one of the ten cleanest lakes in the world.  When I was young it was the fourth cleanest, but it goes up and down in the top ten now.

FedEx came today!  Very exciting, but you know how it is, it also makes you a wreck.  Deep breaths help to concentrate so I don't screw anything up!  He was bringing our dossier all authenticated, etc., from the State Dept. and Chinese Embassy in DC.  Tomorrow night we'll get our visa photos.  We tried to this weekend but had one of "those" customer service people-first she asked if she could help me, then when I told her what we needed, she told me she had to turn the machines on and wouldn't be ready for us for an hour, so I said we'd shop, and when we came back, she told us it hadn't been an hour and she was too busy to take care of us then even though no one else was in line (it had only been 56 minutes-shame on me for not checking the time).  So we'll either get them done at a "real" photo shop where we can get in and out in a few minutes or we'll get them at a different Wal-Mart when I pick up the photo collage to go with the dossier.

02/15/2011 5:18am

Aaarrrggghhh - don't that just frustrate you to your bones? Still - reasons (all be it we aren't given to know what they are) for everything!

hugs - aus and co.

April z.
02/16/2011 10:07am

Yay! One step closer!!


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