My friend (who was first my junior high and then high school English teacher, then a colleague) will be lending me her blackberry for Wi-Fi access so that I don't have to lug a computer around.  Have I mentioned that I travel light?  I would actually carry a knapsack if I could get away with it, but since I can't...... and today I rented a Panda Phone.  We did this last time and it was great.  Phone is mailed to us from Texas with our number and access codes.  We called home every day from China, left the phone at the hotel lobby on our way out of the country to be mailed back to Shanghai.  Very reasonable rates, too.

08/28/2011 5:34pm

The US phones don't work? What about skype?

08/28/2011 6:35pm

Sometimes US phones work, sometimes they don't. You have to have international service (a SIM card) and an unlocked phone. And then, still they don't always work. I have Verizon which does not generally work there. The Panda phone is really cheap-I think it cost a whole $70 last time for three weeks-so it's definitely worth it.

09/05/2011 10:50pm

Skype is really cheap! We did Panda phone and skype! We used the phone for emergencies and Skype to talk to family. I think Skype is 3 cents a minute or free video!


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