I took today off because this was THE DAY to get our dossier certified at the NH Secretary of State's office and I was worried that if I rushed there after work they would not have time to do it.  Smart choice.  We ended up with 15 documents total, I got all the certs and then went to FedEx where I sent the whole thing, plus a copy, to the US State Dept. in DC with an envelope for them to forward it to the NYC PRC consulate when they were done with it and with an envelope for the consulate to then send it all back to me!  The longest of the three steps will be the DC one, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have it all back.  It's amazing how paralyzing it is when you hit a big stage like this because there are just so many places to mess it up.  I was in the den making the photocopies of the dossier for the PRC consulate and I was running my hands over the papers to make sure that the copies with seals ended up in the right folder.  All I can say is phew!

My (currently) youngest daughter is doing okay at school.  I think that in the end she will be better off but it sure was rough.  The president wrote to me, the dean and I spoke this morning, and the traumatic return to school is the result of a late decision on her roommate's part, a miscommunication to us by the R.A., and a bad policy regarding housing.  So I will address the policy later in the week because I don't want the main complaint diluted-that my daughter was unnecessarily hurt.

01/12/2011 5:29pm

One more step down! Good Job Ruby!

01/12/2011 5:37pm

I know you are relieved to have your paperwork off! It is such a relief! I pray your journey moves quickly so your little girl will be home soon!
I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and the mean girls. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of nasty people. I hate this happened to her. I will praying for her.

01/13/2011 5:59am

Bet you are glad to have that done - I know so well the feeling - I was the keeper of the paper for our adoptions!!

As for the daughter / school - glad that she is doing OK - that's the important part - life lessons about mean people suck - but they do need to be learned....but we as parents wish they didn't! Let us know how things turn out -

hugs - and a prayer or two for all -

aus and co.

01/15/2011 6:40am

What sweet pictures!!! what a great surprise! Try not to worry TO much...have faith, you KNOW He'll provide and it will work out! This pics where sent when they were to remind you of that !! :)

01/17/2011 7:37am

ABSOLUTELY precious and I know how thankful you much be to get them!!!
Blessings and Joy!!!

01/20/2011 4:46pm

Just wanted to thank you for your sweet assuring comment today about Jing. God is good and He will take care of her I am sure. We will all be there with her arms open wide!!!
Blessings and Joy!!!


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