When it is not raining, the days are perfect.  Like the summers of my youth, the temps are in the 70s and the humidity is relatively low.  I can breathe, we can actually spend time in the south-facing part of the house, and it just couldn't be more beautiful.

Aidan and RB are becoming fast friends.  They both think that they are excavators in the making and love to dig dirt.  They nap together-on the top bunk-and I just love listening to the two of them playing make-believe.

Here they are on their hot rods with Mangus, our youngest dog:

Aidan also has a great love of cooking.  It really doesn't matter what; he loves to measure, pour, stir, everything.  He even loves to wash dishes.  Here he is actually cooking with a wok that my sister gave us years ago.

Family Style

This weekend was G's family reunion.  Here are some shots of Aidan playing ball, BB trying to get in on the game, BB and GB enjoying the sun, and Aidan hanging out with his father.

Hangin' out with Dad

All tuckered out from that batting practice.

My Little Dirt Diggers

The trip to the elementary school playground was so that Aidan could get used to his new school and play on the equipment, but the boys spent most of their time in the dirt.

Today we went to my mother's gravel pit.  Aidan was awed by the place.  I'll have to tell him that both of his grandmothers own gravel pits!

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