It is the year of the rabbit, and we've been gifted with a snow bunny.  He wants me to go sledding with him every day, and if I don't, he whines, "You never do anything with me," which is his mantra whenever he thinks that it might help-it doesn't.  So today I told him I would watch him from the window and this is what he did.
He "sunned" himself between two snow banks for about half an hour, even though it snowed on him for most of that time.  He also wanted me to see him sliding down one of the banks on his snow pants.  Here he is about to take off:
We just had some sleet and freezing rain and will probably have more before it snows again near morning-expecting about 8" of snow before it stops-and I went outside to take a picture, only to discover that our lilac branches were completely denuded by the rain.  Here is what they looked like last night.
We're going to get more snow on Tuesday and chances are we'll get another big storm this week, but it might actually skip Wednesday this time in favor of Thursday.  Aidan will be psyched if that happens, since Wednesday is snowboarding lessons and when there is no school, there is no lesson.  We'd take him on the snow day  if he had enough experience, but it's still new to him.

02/07/2011 4:11am

I'm glad that someone is enjoying this stuff - I'm about done with it until next year!! We actaully had about 40 degrees for a minute or two yesterday - but we're back in the freezer for the rest of this week! hugs - aus and co.


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