Check.  I-800 went out in overnight mail to USCIS.  Now on to the DS-230.  How does anyone do this without going crazy from anxiety?  I sent three questions to the agency today, including one that they had already answered on the very first page of instructions-highlighted in yellow, no less.  It brought back memories of checking, double checking, triple checking....the contents of my backpack over and over again when I was in Beijing.  But then one thing is checked off the list, and for a brief (and fleeting) moment, you feel accomplished and in control!

06/15/2011 4:06pm

didn't you get the memo from ccaa? You ARE suppose to go crazy from anxiety filling out the paperwork, it's now required as part of the TA process. But we aren't allowed to seek medical tx or take medications or they will deny our homestudy....bawhahahaha!!!!!


06/15/2011 4:20pm

Oh, Myra, you are so funny!
I thought the very same thing. And the waiting? Enough to depress anyone, right? It's their way of disqualifying us, I think. Very passive aggressive, which is very Chinese :-)

April Z.
06/22/2011 1:34pm

Love Myra's comment! The CCAA (or whatever they're called now) should definitely allow anti-depressants after all you have to do to adopt. I'm glad you guys are one step closer. It will be a happy day when Eva is with you guys!

06/26/2011 1:51pm

My poor agency has been so patient with all of my questions. It is too hard to read instructions carefully when anxiety ridden and full of motherly love. Pregnancy brain is right!


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