Normally I spend several days a month with a head that should be this big:
feeling this big instead:
Last year I tracked my headaches in a notebook, looking for a recognizable trend.  From August through December I had a headache-every day, sometimes morning, sometimes evening, sometimes from beginning to end-but every single day.  Sometimes they were just headaches, sometimes migraines.  Last summer I had a migraine in July that lasted 19 days and ran into August.  

I cannot remember my last headache.  I know that I had a migraine about a month ago.  I think I had a couple of headaches last week.  But for a person who normally cannot remember when she was last WITHOUT a headache, it is just AMAZING to not remember when I was last having one!  Of course I may have just jinxed myself, but I'll take it while I can get it.

03/19/2011 3:08pm

I am so glad to hear this!

03/19/2011 5:16pm

Sorry to hear of your headaches Ruby! That would really be no fun! May you find a way to get some relief!

03/21/2011 3:59am

Wow - great news there! What ever you changed don't be changing back! :)

hugs - aus and co.

03/23/2011 7:10pm

So glad to hear you have had so few! What did you do? (I track my vertigo episodes, just as debilitating as a migraine, comes on suddenly).
Hope you have NONE in the future!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

03/24/2011 2:29pm

Hi Alyson,
My sister, the natural nutritionist, took my blood and tested them. The results were that I'm highly allergic to milk (my favorite food) and mildly allergic to walnuts, turkey, pork, and eggs. So I have been experimenting with food. I use Lactaid in my cereal because it is milk, just with the lactose removed, and I'm not ever giving up milk. But I've gone without other dairy products most of the time and that seems to have made the difference.
I have severe vertigo, too, but there is no help for me-it's from having lyme disease. However, my husband started getting it about a decade ago and he takes Paxil for it. I know that sounds strange, since Paxil is generally an anti-depressant (and trust me, we had a lot of hoops to jump through regarding our latest home study due to this). But he only takes one or two pills a week and it keeps his vertigo at bay-important when you paint houses and stand on a ladder. If he has a spell of it unexpectedly, he takes one Paxil and it goes away immediately.

03/30/2011 10:48am

I'd be very interested in learning more about your food allergies....I take 4 meds to keep my migraines under control...I have stroke symptoms with mine and my neurologist told me if I didn't get them under control I could have a stroke so I'm 40yo and take meds like an old lady....but if that helped you and they sounded severe! I'd love to learn me plese!!!


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