Today is the day that we get the dossier off to our agency.  Can you say tons of copying?  Not only do they need a photocopy of everything but also a copy of each authentication page-geez!  Anyway, we went this week to get the all-important photos to accompany the package.  The family shots were created through Walmart's one hour photo on-line, and they randomly scramble them for size.  The smaller ones for visas-well, you know how that goes-my husband had been wearing his baseball cap so of course his hair comes out flat and I look like I always look when it's 8:30 and past my bedtime-so I won't post those here :-)

02/18/2011 12:36pm

Congrats!!! Big day! Hope your LID and counting the days to LOA in no time at all!!! WOOHOO!!

02/21/2011 5:59am

Congratulations on getting your dossier to your agency! Love your dossier photos too!


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