I got up early and it was another beautiful day, so I woke G and Aidan, then we picked up LB (she babysat for Brody last night, so she spent the night), and then we went hiking.  When I was young, hiking was my favorite pasttime.  I still love it, despite having lost a decade to lyme disease, but boy, do my feet hurt!  Carrying laundry down stairs after we got home was an ouch! procedure each time my feet touched a new tread.  Sort of like when I practice skating backwards, and remember muscles that I never knew I had!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of G and Aidan:
I showed Aidan all the acorn tops without nuts and after that he filled his pockets with acorns when he found them, to feed to the squirrels.  We also saw fish, salamanders getting "close" with one another, a snake eating a frog, and a lot of mosquitoes.

06/01/2010 5:58am

That is the way to spend a holiday - time, nature, family....

hugs - aus and co.

06/06/2010 5:46pm

I wanted to say Hi! glad you were able to get out and explore nature!
I read your posts but usually with an impaciant one year old in my arms so don't have a chance to post.

Take Care,



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