Eva's medical exam was today.  At every station she asked if she was getting a shot and each time the answer was no, so then she was a happy little camper.  Until the TB test, of course.  Then she yanked on her arm and slouched her body and did everything any other seven year old does when faced with a shot they don't want.  As soon as it was over, she was fine.

She passed the vision test with no problem.  Her hip scars were evaluated and determined to likely be the result of diapers that were too tight-they are awful and look like the result of incisions.  Her feet were operated on a couple of years ago so she has scars from that, but they don't look half as bad as the ones on her hips.

April Z.
09/24/2011 6:57am

That makes me sad to read about the scars on her hips :((

I'm glad you guys made it to Guangzhou safely and have gotten the medical exam over with!!

09/24/2011 11:05am

Thanks, April. They are sad to see, especially when you realize what caused them.

09/24/2011 1:31pm

The good old medical! I sure hate to hear about her scars too!

Deb Phelps
09/24/2011 4:26pm

I am enjoying reading the updates about your trip and Eva. Can't wait to meet her. Just from your descriptions, I already love her.

09/25/2011 2:35am

I just love her sweet smile.

Kim A.
09/26/2011 5:10am

My Quinn has a scar on her hip that is apparently from the elastic they use to keep the diapers on the babies. It does look like an incision! I am loving reading your updates - it brings back lovely memories of our time in China.


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