I am a fairly unemotional person without many highs or lows.  Easily irritated by little things but rarely upset by much of anything.  Think of a bear swatting at something annoying but generally not roaring or anything.  Then picture the bear when she is actually mad, and you have a complete change from the rather lazy, placid creature that might look round and cuddly to the sharp teethed, sharp clawed, ferocious beast.

Yeah; that's me.  And today, due to some nasty manipulations by a small group of mean, dysfunctional girls, Mama Bear was a-roaring.

We were taking our daughter, LB, back to college.  She was pumped.  Had Christmas gifts for her roommate and another friend all wrapped.  Packed up her new clothes, movies, and electronic games.  Was excited about her new classes.  We were excited for her, and very proud of her.  She finished first semester with one A- and every other grade higher than that.  She is on the student government association and in the business club.  She works in the division of arts and sciences with professors that she really admires-she is majoring in English with a minor in marketing and is considering a second major of history.

So imagine what transpires when we get a message 45 minutes before arriving on campus from her roommate that tells our daughter not to unpack when she gets to campus because she'll be moving out.  Her school has a policy, apparently, of moving people out of the suites if anyone complains about them.  Two girls complained about our daughter and, without any substance to those complaints (one of her wrapped gifts was for one of these girls, who spent Thanksgiving break at our house) and without any hearing about these complaints-made in her absence while they remained on campus over the break. 

I'll make the long story short.  The president and the dean of student have a letter of complaint in their inbox for the morning.  Our daughter is in a room of her own, crying, surrounded by new stuff that we bought to replace the stuff her roommate had brought-they had talked this summer and agreed on who would buy what.  And this Mama Bear is not done yet.

01/10/2011 4:29am

Oh doesn't that just suck? On the other hand (being a 'bright side' kind) - this kind of 'back stabbing' will serve as a life lesson - and once 'in the world' your girl will experience this from time to time, there are just plain mean people in the world who think nothing of making themselves better on top of whoever is in the way!

But like you - I do have a bit of a bear in me....really I try to keep mine on a short leash lest I end up in jail or worse! ;)

Prayers for your daughter to find peace over this one - (and glad you caught the missing document without too much headache too!)

hugs - aus and co.

01/10/2011 4:54pm

Oh Ruby, I am so sad to read this, Farran is such a sweetheart, how could they be so mean to her??? I do not understand this treatment of her. I hope that mama bear scratches and claws until this is made right. Farran did not deserve this. You go Ruby... we are all behind you. Love, Melody

01/11/2011 2:23pm

Ugh what a awful way to start the year for her, and what an absurd process the school appears to have...wow...hope things get worked out!!


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