For my praying friends, please pray that this week and next are smooth for Aidan.  As you know if you've adopted an older child, once they get comfortable and feel loved, they get scared.  Over the past month he has shown many signs of fear that this could all be taken away from him tomorrow.  So he will need blessings and reassurances as his big sister moves away to college and he returns to school after a summer at home with me and his nephews.

08/25/2010 5:05am

Of course we'll keep you guys in our prayers - Brianna (our oldest adopted daughter) struggled as her two oldest siblings moved away to school too - it helped that the weekend after they moved we took her up to see them on campus - she was able to see that the dorm was more like a 'hotel' than a home....if they are close enough and schedules permit maybe you could think about that? The olders were also open to phone calls from her too - if fact - all of our oldest kids are soooo bonded to their young siblings - it's cool beyond words! Prayers offered and will continue - and hugs -

aus and co.


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