My little sister and I used to have pen-pals through The Big Blue Marble, a Saturday morning program advertised between cartoons.  She has been writing to her pen-pal for 30 years now.  AnnMarie, the other "girl", came up to be in my sister's wedding in the 1990s with her husband and daughter; her daughter Aaliyah and Little Baby were the flower girls-so cute because Aaliyah was dark-hair, eyes, skin, while Little Baby was fair with very blond hair and gray eyes. 

My sister and her family went to Trinidad last year and spent a couple of weeks with them.  Now the family is here again, this time with their son who had not been born at their last visit.  Aaliyah is visiting colleges-she is entering her senior year of high school in the fall-and so she and Little Baby are off today in Massachusetts, tomorrow to the mall.

Yesterday they stopped at our house and Ricky, who is not comfortable with strangers, could not spend enough time on Aaliyah's lap.  He told her his whole life story and didn't want her to leave.  It was pretty mutual; love at first sight.

07/28/2010 5:24am

Ya know - we have three adopted kids (1 Korea and 2 China) - and I've noted that all three of them are very very very good judges of character - it's like a 6th sense and almost mystical to me....I'm willing to bet that Ricky has that 6th sense - but then again - sounds like he really IS a good judge of character! Glad that they got on so well - but not surprised based on all you've said about her!

hugs - aus and co.

08/15/2010 5:14am

What a sweet story! I love the fact that they have remained friends for this long. Truly a blessing for each of them and now for you!
Thanks for your visit's to my blog. You are always so faithful!
Ladybugs and Daffodils


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