Aidan has asked a few times when I'll be leaving.  I put the date of our leaving on the calendar and the date of our return and suggested that he cross off the dates.  He said he would not do this, but maybe I could call him and send him some pictures because he's seen on tv where people do that when they are apart.

Today when he got home from school he asked if he could bring Eva into class for Show and Tell.  He then asked again if I would call him sometimes while I am away.

We are going to set up an email account for him and he and Daddy will check it each night to see if he has any new messages.

It is going to be really hard to be away from my baby.


09/13/2011 2:37am

I'm so excited for you and your family! I hope the time goes quickly for your baby! He is going to love his call from you!

09/13/2011 4:19am

Yeah - it'll be hard - have you thought about skype?, a $10.00 account and a $10.00 headset (at least I prefer to use them) and a computer with an internet connection and you can make all the phone calls you can stand anywhere in the world for about $0.02 per minute (you'll never use up the $10.00!) It's easy to use, and if you called home after dinner in China you'd be catching them at the breakfast table at home! It's just a thought!!

hugs - aus and co.

09/13/2011 4:21am

I forgot to mention that with your computer you call regular land line phones or cell phones or whatever! You can kill this comment if you'd like - and e-mail me if you want additional information!

super excited for you - and anything to make it easier for folks at home too - in particular our adopted ones!!

hugs - aus

09/13/2011 8:27am

Poor little guy! It will go quick for him, I'm sure. Wu Yi told me a story last night about how her big sister in China had a pet frog. One night she brought it to Wu Yi and Eva's bed to show them. It got loose in the covers for a few minutes and Eva was very frightened. Apparently, she isn't fond of frogs! :)

09/13/2011 6:54pm

I do have skype on my laptop but I'm not taking it with me. I'll have enough electronics with me and I don't like carrying much luggage or having much weight in the luggage. A definite minimalist when it comes to traveling. But I set Aidan up with his own email account last night so I can send pictures to him before anyone else!

09/14/2011 3:23am

I get not traveling with a laptop - but I'd probably go into withdrawl! You may find skype on computers in the "business offices" of one or the other hotels you stay at - it doesn't hurt to check! On our last trip I bought a replacement headset at the Seoul (we made a stop for Brianna to meet her FM while on route). I had managed to sit on (and crush!) the light weight one we traveled with - bought a $50 set for about $8 US in Seoul's version of Staples! God's speed on your travels!

April Z.
09/14/2011 6:31am

Leaving the boys at home was the hardest part of trip last Sept., but the kids did great and got totally spoiled by the grandparents. It will be a sweet reunion for you when you get home with Eva!

09/17/2011 4:54am

You should have arrived or will be arriving soon in China! Cannot wait to see your journey!


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