I am out of school for the summer.

Our first son lost the end of his finger in a treadmill this week when his foot slipped off the tread and he stumbled, tried to catch himself automatically with the other hand....ouch!  It was not a clean cut-more like a meat grinder thing.  So he has been home for a few days.

The little ones went swimming today for the first time this summer and had a great time!

On June 27 Eva will have two casts put on and go into a wheelchair for the summer.  The good news is that they will be soft casts.  I can remove them the day before an appointment for a new cast so that she has at least 24 hours to bathe, swim, run, etc., before she is immobile again.  Much better than the hard casts would be.

Eva has decided that she wants a "real" middle name because Yuqiang is not a real one.  So we went through a list of what we would use and she dislikes all of them; she finally decided that using her Chinese name was okay !

06/18/2012 6:42am

Sorry about the finger - that's tough...and glad about the middle name - that's cool!! ;) As for the casts - at least there will be a day of 'peace' with them - any port in a storm as they say! We'll hold y'all in our prayers!

hugs - aus and co.


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