My list is almost all checked off.  G and I went out one night to get combination luggage locks-key locks aren't okay with Chinese avaiation rules-and to copy the adoption announcements-I couldn't find any that I liked and thought fit with us and our four year old's experience so I made my own.  We also took care of his visa photos-I have to take them with me even though he's not traveling.  There were at least half a dozen other things that got done. 

We still have the big question of missing school for LB.  I wrote to the superintendent two weeks ago asking that her days away be allowed as excused absences but have heard not a word back.  So last night I sent an email follow up to my letter.  If I hear nothing today, I'll have to call my school board representative. 


10/07/2008 6:00am

I don't want to forget to wish you safe travels and an easy transition for your wonderful little boy!

Lisa Hopkins
10/20/2008 8:13am

Ruby,hope you are doing well. Your website is awesome Will check in later ..


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