Today Aidan got two shots-one in each arm simultaneously-a chicken pox vaccine and a flu shot.  He has had the flu shot twice before but either they don't immunize against chicken pox in China or he just wasn't old enough to get the vaccine before coming home to America.

I was afraid he would be scared again when he saw the doctor's office but he was fine.  He got a little scared and tense just before the shots went in (there was a nurse on each side, he was on my lap, and another nurse was in front of him, holding his hands with me and talking to him) but then he was fine.  Of course, he enjoyed having "stickers" to put over each shot wound.

We then went back later in the day for LB to see the doctor and then he was your typical four year old-running around the place like he grew up there, being silly, and babbling away.

BTW-Yesterday he began calling me Mommy!  He has referred to me as Mommy and he has actually called G Daddy for a while, but calling me Mommy to my face is new.  I think he's trying to wear it out already.


12/07/2008 1:01pm

Hey Ruby, I saw the previous post asking who reads this, and I do from time to time, and when I do I catch all the way back up :), anyways, I fly home Friday and I cant wait to meet him :)

12/07/2008 3:26pm

Thanks, BJ-

It's about time we got you away from that French cuisine and home to good old American chow-oops! forgot your mom is into slivered almonds and funky chunky drinks-if you want meat and potatoes come and see me!


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