Our first son had one interest at a time-first baseball, then wrestling, then basketball.  We sat on bleachers for about 16 years with the last one.  So he was never interested in scouting, but Aidan has been asking for months when/where he could join up.  There is a pack in the next town open to kids in the district, and tonight was the first meeting.  I was as excited as he was.  I loved reading my brothers' Boys Life magazine when I was young.  Now I can read my son's copies when they arrive.  And I guess we'll be eating some popcorn too!

09/24/2010 7:26pm

How Great! My mom was my brothers cub scout leader when I was little (he's 6 years older than I am) and I was the mascot :) Other than getting hit with a flag pole by the boys, I have very fond memories of those days!

09/27/2010 5:28am

Very cool - I'm an Eagle Scout as is our oldest boy - there's a lot to be said for that group!

hugs - aus and co.


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