This question has been asked of us several times.  Simple answer:

We said we would take one.

Many adoptive parents only want babies.  Many adoptive parents will not take boys.  Mothers are often the ones that initiate adoption, not fathers, and they sometimes think that it will be easier to bond with a daughter.  Some fathers are okay with adoption, but not so okay with a son who is not of their biological lineage carrying  on their family name.  Some people believe that girls are easier to raise than boys (anyone who has raised children can tell you it is all about personality, not gender). 

Most people adopting from China ask for a girl.  Some go to China specifically because there are girls available, while in many European countries there are more boys available.  We first looked at domestic adoption for an 8-10 year old boy, then at Ukraine with the intent to adopt a couple of boys or a boy and girl, then switched to China because of the relative simplicity of the process and the ability for just one of us to travel-G is self-employed so this was better for us. 

We asked for either gender.  We have a closet full of little girl's clothing, since boys are rarely referred, but bought some boy's clothing too, just in case.  So although we expected a girl, it really didn't matter, and there was no preference.  Okay, not quite true-LB wanted a brother.


09/10/2008 5:35pm

Have a great trip to China!
Cheer for our NASCAR driver if you get to go to the NH race.

LID 01/27/06
Travel 09/11/08!

09/11/2008 2:49am


We have tickets to both races each year. Not sure yet if I'm going this weekend. Who is your driver?


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