Very quick recap:
Delay leaving Hong Kong due to typhoon.  Couldn't land in Newark after an hour or so of circling, so we spent the afternoon on the tarmac in Syracuse.  Finally made it to Newark and it took about three hours to go from disembarking to finding our gate to board a plane that was delayed three hours, only to have them make a boarding call minutes before the original flight time-every cell phone was out on the concourse as people called their rides and told them they were unexpectedly arriving on time.  My husband had already left to do some running around, so we couldn't reach him until our arrival and the airport is an hour and a half away.  But we made it.  Safely.

Eva slept a good deal of time on the plane, played some video games, watched a few cartoons.  Was sick once.  Sick again on the ride home from the airport.  Not uncommon for her when traveling.  She slept until about 2:30 this afternoon and is up now while her brother has crashed for the night.

Eva is thrilled to have a father and wasted no time getting to know him.  Would love to share pictures but in my sleep-deprived state I've managed to misplace the camera somewhere between afternoon and evening (I've had about 36 hours sleep in the past two weeks, so the sleep-deprived comment is no joke!)

She took to Aidan immediately.  Don't know how much of that is her being used to have "brothers" and "sisters" at the orphanage-her class here made a picture book for her of all of the members and the adults, and as Aidan pointed to each person and named them, she renamed them goger (I don't know how to spell it, but that's what brother sounds like), jie jie, or mei mei (I don't know how she decided that some girls were big sisters and others were little sisters). 

Eva is thrilled to find that she has a swingset right outside the door and she's already madly in love with Mangus, our youngest dog (who all of the kids love).  She tries to boss him around and make him sit on the courch with her.

Aidan asked when we were going to teach Eva to speak English, and I said every time we talk, so here are the two of them playing together earlier-he identified every letter and every number on the blocks and she repeated the words to him.
The difference in size between the two is extreme.  Remember, he is eight weeks younger than she is.  I took them to the grocery store this afternoon and they sat on a bench waiting for me to check out.  They looked to be about three years apart in age.  Aidan is expected to be between 6'3" and 6'4" when grown and she is...not :)

beth Drafts
09/30/2011 6:36pm

Glad you are all safely home! We have enjoyed following your journey and continue to keep up! Congratulations!

April Z.
09/30/2011 8:09pm

I'm so glad that Eva is doing well and fitting right in with everyone. I'd forgotten that Aidan is actually younger than her and seeing the pictures of them next to each other is kind of funny :) I didn't realize he was going to be so tall. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about your trip and Eva's transition to her new home.

10/01/2011 11:42am

Welcome Home!!!! Sounds like things are going really well! I can't believe that Aidan is expected to be over 6ft. Wow!! He will for sure tower over Eva's petite frame. Get some rest. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

10/01/2011 5:07pm

Brandi, even in China people thought that Aidan was 7-1/2 instead of 4-1/2. When I brought him home, my husband thought they lied about his age and that he was older-I told him he still had dimples in his knuckles and none of his teeth had fallen out, so I was certain there was no lie (there wasn't). When you adopt non-special needs, the Chinese often look for something that connects you with the child. As a family photo, I sent our daughter's wedding picture, showing our biological son at 6-1 and our son in-law at 6-1 and my husband at 5-11 along with me at 4-11, our first daughter at 5-1, and our second daughter at 4-10. So I think that they selected a boy for balance and a tall boy to fit in with the rest of the family. He fits perfectly :) Originally growth charts showed a 6-1 to 6-2 height (both our son and son in-law are actually between the two), but now it looks like he could be taller. Time will tell, and I love the discovery!

10/01/2011 5:22pm

So glad you are home safe and sound! Looking forward to watching as your family comes together!

10/02/2011 6:09am

i got a new computer & in the hubbub, lost the link to this site!
I have enjoyed catching up so much & it sounds like things are already falling into place!
I have bookmarked you and will visit you again soon :)

10/02/2011 6:37am

Welcome home...sorry about the crazy adventure to get there!!! Rest, and bond...may the jet lag be minimal!!

10/02/2011 7:54am

Just glad y'all are home in one piece - it always seems that the trip home is ugly! Still - right where you belong!

Great joy for you guys - hugs - aus and co.


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