2012 must be better than 2011, but we could not be happier than we are with our new daughter and the relationship developing between her and her brother.  They are siblings in every sense of the word, even down to the "Mommy, she made faces at me" to "Mummy, Aidan no being nice to me".

01/04/2012 4:03am

Well - as much as it can be annoying to hear 'tattletale' - still - it's GREAT to hear siblings!! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Jolene Walters
01/04/2012 9:27am

Just like Evan and Wu Yi! :)

April Z.
01/06/2012 5:38am

Even though Libby was only 19 months when she came home, it took her no time at all to learn how to scold her brothers! Cute pictures of Eva and Aidan!!

01/23/2012 2:46am

Happy Chinese New Year! How sweet that your two are acting like real brother and sister! Precious! I love hearing about bonding! Have a great day!


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