A couple of weeks ago Google had a problem and many blogs were inaccessible; then, when they were back on, some of them had really old posts showing up as new posts.

Last week and this week Google has been difficult to get into because it will randomly tell me that my password is invalid.  Not true.  I just have to keep closing out and trying until it accepts me. 

So...sorry to the people who I normally follow.  I'm trying to keep up with your own crazy busy happy lives!

06/02/2011 3:55am

No sweat Ruby - we all have to remember that google is the 'right price' (read - free!)!

And frankly - there's currently a cyberwar going on - the uptick in stuff on the underground the past couple weeks is more like the first week back at school than the first week of summer - come on folks - time to go outside and play! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

06/15/2011 7:45pm

Amazing--I DO check your blog--although I do not think I have ever posted--I am so bad.
I hate it when the technology does not cooperate--but I'm so computer illiterate, I usually think that the problem is me....DH never has these problems=0

07/16/2011 2:28am

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