Aidan was very excited to receive his own gift wrapped package in the mail this week-a Mickey Mouse backpack filled with his own Mickey and other goodies.  This came from our friends in FL and he couldn't have been more thrilled.  He loves both Dora and Mickey and talks volumes about both of them whenever he sees their image!

Then came the unwanted gift.  LB and I have been sick for the last few days, so it was inevitable that Aidan should come down with a fever as well.

However, he bounced back this morning at the sight of snow falling again.


11/22/2008 3:51pm

Sorry to read that you are all sick! Quick recovery for all!
Thanks for commenting on our blog....... yes, love NASCAR, love that you went on a trip and saw several tracks and car shops. We went to RC's when he was driving for "Tide". Maybe when I retire, DH and AA will take a trip to every track (maybe every baseball field and football stadium too). Love racing! You're one of the few who addresses NASCAR comments to me, most think it is DH who is the nut!
Hope your weekend improves!



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