Last night was a rough night for sleep.  I am going through a migraine cycle (if you get them, you know what I mean) and Aidan simply took too long a nap yesterday, so the night was broken up repeatedly with him waking.  Finally this morning I was in that dead sleep zone when he came running into my room, pointed at the window and yelled excitedly at the top of his lungs.  Snow!  (Of course, he was speaking in Chinese, but some things really don't need translation).  Among other things, he likes to burp loudly after eating and laugh at himself, stick his tongue out at the camera, watch snow fall, go to the mailbox, play with dogs, play with cars and trucks, build things, eat junk food if he can get away with it, etc.  Just like any other four year old.


Kathy Simmons
11/17/2008 4:00pm

I'm sorry about your migraines....I DO know about's awful. I used to have them before my change-of-life...but no more...maybe there's some advantage to aging out!!!?? I enjoyed the latest report on your little lad.

11/18/2008 11:05am

We have been home six weeks and each day Alyzabeth changes. New words, different sleep times, playing differently... she is growing physically too.

He is doing very well from what you wrote, it does take time to have good nights. We were in sleep deprived fog for the first few weeks home!
Hoping you continue to see him adjust. He's such a cute boy!


Lisa Hopkins
11/21/2008 11:41am

So enjoy your daily updates on Aidan.I could visualize his excitement about snow. My great niece couldn"t stop giggling & jumping up & down at her first sighting. What pure joy you have received with this bundle from China.
Take Care,Lisa


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