Aidan's ELL/ESOL teacher noticed that he has trouble seeing, had the school nurse check him out, she found weak long-distance vision, and the doctor's office found the same thing today (we had also been "testing" him on it at home).  So we're making an appointment with the eye doctor.  But in the meantime the ELL teacher and I talked tonight and she said it was his near vision that she was concerned about because sometimes he has to put writing close to his face to see it.  My husband is worried that he'll have such thick glasses he'll look like this.....
but I'd rather think that he will end up looking like this (Don "the Dragon")...
I guess only time will tell.

04/25/2011 3:31am

Morning - I'm thinking something inbetween - but hey...

I remember when I figured out I needed glasses - study hall freshman year of HS, one of the guys was packing up his books to leave for class before the bell and he asked me why I wasn't - he pointed to the clock and counted down the seconds to the bell....I couldn't see the clock on the wall much less the hands on it!

He'll be WAY happier once he can see everything!

hugs - aus and co.


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