My carpool buddy, a gal from a hog farm in southern Illinois, is also a Roman Catholic and was telling me not long ago-before the earthquake in Haiti-about a couple in her church newsletter, The Parable, who had been working as missionaries in Haiti for 30 years and were finally putting an end to their trips due to age.  She loaned the article to me and I thought, gee, this guy looks familiar.  It turns out that I used to teach with him!  Anyway, after the earthquake they began collecting shoes and socks for little kids and are going to send them to their contacts there-Mother Teresa's nuns, whose buildings remained intact.  So here are the shoes and socks I'll be dropping off this weekend to add to the others they collected.

04/08/2010 4:57am

Very cool recognizing the former 'co-worker' - there really are 'only 6 degrees of seperation' between all of us!

hugs - aus and co.


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