Monday was my last day of school until August.  Aidan got out last Thursday.  This summer I will have Brody every Tuesday, Ricky and Matthew Monday through Thursday, and Aidan will go to summer school for five weeks (half-days) Monday through Thursday beginning next week.  Here are some early shots of summer:
Aidan picked flowers for me today; this is his first bouquet for his Mommy, so it's very special.  This afternoon I went to check on what he was doing, and found him very busy making a book for Daddy.
Here is what the book, called All About Daddy, says:
I work on the race car
I smile at Aidan
I sleep with the dog
I go to the store
I eat eggs
I play with Aidan
I play fetch with the dog
I eat bacon
I work every day
I watch the Red Sox

Remember, this from a child who has only been in America since October of 2008 and knew no English beforehand.  He just turned six in April.  This is amazing!  Our first daughter could not write one sentence until June of her first grade year, and she had been to both preschool and kindergarten and English was her first language.  She is certainly no slouch academically-she definitely caught up-but Aidan is really very bright.

06/25/2010 4:34am

Looks like summer is off to a decent start - very cool!

But I'd ask what about the Coke thing? I'm addicted to both nicotine and caffiene - and I've modified my addictions - but I'm OK with the fact that I use them. Coffee is my drug of choice for the caffiene part - and now that nic patches / gum / lollipops are cheaper than smoking they are a good alternative. I'm good with my habits - and live with them!

Regardless - I'll praise you for trying to break what you consider to be a bad habit - and keep you in our prayers! Let us know how it goes!

hugs - aus and co.

06/25/2010 5:53am

Hi Aus,
Some people can take in substances and never really have a chemical addiction to them. The combination of aspartame and caffeine is really hard on my health. It causes migraines, muscle problems, weight gain, depressed metabolism, memory problems, etc. When our soldiers went to the Gulf for the first time, many of them came back with chronic fatigue syndrome but it was actually caused by drinking so much diet soda-it would sit in warehouses in extreme heat before being refrigerated and consumed. Diet soda only has a six month shelf life, too. So both heat and age change it into the same chemical mix as formaldehyde. Okay when you're dead, but not when you're living. Again, not everyone has the problem with it, but I'm one of those that does. So in the interests of long life and vitality, I'm doing my best to kick that habit.

07/11/2010 5:58am

Wow... a six year old who only learned the language short time before is really something special..

Maybe he will become an author one day! :-)

You should definitly support him at writing. Maybe show him some easy to read poems?

Have a nice summer, I wish you all the best



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