Yesterday our case manager/social worker came for her first visit since our return home on October 31.  Her first comment about Aidan was, "Wow, he is tall."  That is the general response to meeting him both by people in China and here.  In China most people guessed him to be about seven years old.  Back when I got his referral, I printed the US growth charts and tracked his height and weight.  He was in the top 2% for both, and I would estimate that he is going to be about six feet tall or a little taller when he is done growing.

I think she saw a pretty happy little guy-he was sitting on my lap, then sword fighting with his sister when she got home from school.  I told her about the things he likes to play with-a Mickey Mouse computer game from my sister, swords and trucks and anything mechanical, balls of all kinds, Play-Doh.  He recognizes Dora (he goes on and on about her!), Mickey Mouse, and Spider-Man from home, though their names are different here.

He has slept at night for two nights in a row now and naps after lunch for less than his three-four hours that he was doing back in China.  Food is still experimental, though I found out yesterday he likes raw hot dogs, he has re-discovered his love of bananas, and he won't eat meatballs (at least not now-sometimes he rejects foods and then takes to them later).  He likes egg noodles, but not the way that I cook them, and he'll dig through food for snow peas until he has eaten every last one of them.

Oh, and the band-aid?  I replaced it once, accompanied by many tears and sobs, and then he wouldn't let me touch it.  I think he thought it was a sticker.  So I finally took the second one off in his sleep.  About two days later he realized it was gone and I just made a big deal about the boo-boo being all better now.


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