Christmas this year will consist of candlelight service at church, followed by stockings and a tree at G's parents, both on Christmas eve.  On the next day it will be stockings and a tree at home-just the four of us-then a tree at my mother's house-about 40 or 50 of us and a sledding party afterwards.  Then, on the day after Christmas, we will have stockings and a tree with our big kids and their families joining us, followed by lunch of Chinese food.

The Northern Lights came out on our way to George's parents' house.  We didn't see the full light show, since a storm moved in.

Oh, and of course the power outage.  It was out for about 3-1/2 hours on Christmas eve due to high winds and more freezing rain.

RB and Aidan at G's parents' house, above, on Christmas Eve.

Aidan trying on his new Cars helmet that he got from LB.  She gave him both the helmet and shin pads so that she could take him ice skating, but his head is too big.  We'll have to hide the helmet on him because he loves it so much.

LB loved these shades.  She is also sitting in her new computer chair, though you can't see it.

Below, Aidan is both showing off some of his new monster trucks and also his new monster truck shirt.  He insisted on being in the picture though he wouldn't smile for it.

Last, he figured out how to pedal the big wheel.  As soon as our Christmas junk is out of the way, I'm sure he'll be a little speed demon.

Overall, Aidan handled Christmas really well, even my family Christmas.  He was super excited by the idea that these toys were his and his alone.  On Christmas eve night I think he had a moment of fear that they were only temporarily his and that in the morning he would have to share them with other kids or they would be gone, so he didn't want to sleep, but did eventually succumb.  He slept poorly and woke crying once in the middle of the night-sitting straight up and crying-he would not be comforted but rolled into the space between his bunk and wall and eventually went back to sleep.  That was the extent of the rough moments, though.

Pictures of my family's Christmas can be found in the Photos section.


12/31/2008 7:45pm

What a great Christmas!
I am sure he needs more time to adjust and learn more about family and love. He looks great! From our BTDT, we know time is our friend. Our little AA is doing great too.
Thanks for visiting our blog.
Happy New Year!!
Alyzabeth's Mommy of 106 days!!
LID 01/27/06
Forever Family Day 09/16/08


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