I didn't go to my high school prom.  Although I loved dancing, I didn't go in my junior year because I didn't have a junior year-I skipped it.  I didn't go in my senior year because I was already dating my husband, and although he liked one particular teenager, he did not want to spend a night in a room full of them.  So last night I chaperoned my students' prom.  It was really nice.  I spent most of the evening talking with one small group of chaperones.  You know how middle aged women start to talk about how kids dress these days, and how they bump and grind and don't really dance on the dance floor?  Yeah, that group; I'm not one of them.  As teachers, you become sensitized to certain things.  I tend to be oblivious of all but the most blatant dress code issues and I love to dance so I don't really see their dance style as being any more or less than the current trend.  Language is my sensitive area.  The way you dress and the way you dance is often about personal expression, but the way that you talk about and to other people, that's about manners.  So, anyway, I wasn't adding to that conversation last night; I was having too much fun watching them have fun.  Here is a picture of my carpool buddy and I-definite incentive for that spring/summer diet!

05/10/2010 5:38am

Well glad that you finally made it to the prom - and yeah - how kids look is how it is - but manners count way more....it's never wrong to be kind!

hugs - aus and co.


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