I went to visit the potter at the Craftsmen's Fair and replaced our sugar bowl.  The old one had a crescent in the lid for the spoon and it had broken, plus the other side had broken as well.  So we'll keep the bowl but here are the old (on the right) and the new (on the left):
We also needed a table lamp for the living room and last year I saw a metal worker giving a demonstration and really liked his stuff so here is the lamp-still looking for the right shade:

08/15/2011 2:08am

I love pottery! Your new piece is so nice! The colors in the lamp, are they spun into the metal somehow? What wonderful finds!

08/15/2011 5:04am

Great couple scores!! Love making finds like that. As for cleaning - we'll spend the next week on that as we have britt's wedding 'open house' at our place on Saturday. Hopefully get my foot back tomorrow afternoon - and we're lucky - 2 weeks of summer left!!

hugs - aus and co.

08/15/2011 5:14am

He forges the metal over extreme heat (like a blacksmith) and the colors are part of the chemical reaction, I think.
Good luck with the open house and may I say lucky you with your school schedule, although Aidan still has two weeks left also.


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